We have a well-assorted self-service store with miscellaneous products such as newspapers, ice cream, groceries, frozen foods and non-foods on our Campingsite. In case the desired articles are not in stock they will be supplied for you as soon as possible. Apart from that we have fresh bread rolls ready for all early birds at 6am. Just 7km away, the little town of Lütjenburg offers numerous shopping facilities such as Famila, Lidl, Aldi, boutiques, restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafés and wine taverns. On wednesdays and saturdays there is a local market with its quaint small-town atmosphere. Everybody who doesn´t want to or can not go to town by car has the option to take the Mini-van Taxi, which leaves from the Campingsite once a week. It will take you to Lütjenburg for just 5 €.
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