„Gasthaus zum Wikinger“ is located on the Campingsite. The outside area of the restaurant has been handcrafted with great love and care to look like an actual Viking village and Viking boat with all the matching decoration. Enjoy your food in a tasteful ambience with sea view. Now on the menu: „Wikingerplatte“ – Viking-Platter. There is a „Viking evening“, where you can eat with your fingers, dressed up in a viking costume. On the Viking patio you can relish not only your meal but also the fresh smell of your food „à la minute“ and the breeze of the Baltic Sea. Our family-run Viking Restaurant serves many typically northern german and international meals. The restaurant is open throughout most of the day and evening and will tempt you with delicious food at all times of the day!

    Campingplace Platen · Wewerin 2 · 24327 Sehlendorf · phone +49 4382 / 351 ·