Dear campers,

we warmly welcome you to our campsite and wish you a pleasant stay. We ask you, for the well-being of all, to abide by the following regulations.

  1. Prices
    The fee is due in full until the 1st of April, from now on the costs of dunning and late payments will be charged. Installments are now charged with a processing fee of 10, - €. In case of default, the right to the pre-registered place expires. For a hibernation fee the caravan can stay on the parcel. For a deposit of 150, - € the water and sewage pit will be handed over to you. After the season, a prepayment for the next year is due, which will not be refunded if canceled from January 1st.
    If the pitch is not canceled until 01.08. of the current season, the contract will be extended independently for another year. At the end of the rental period, the space is left free of garbage and superstructures.
    You can find an overview of the prices here.
  2. Access
    The access can only be made by a code card, which is available for a deposit fee from the groundskeeper. Access to the washrooms is only possible with a Sep-Key, which is also available for a deposit from the groundskeeper.
  3. Court use
    The pitch may only be used by the named owner, his partner and the children who still belong to the household. All other persons are considered visitors and have to pay the daily fee. An admission of unannounced persons can lead to the place reference.
  4. Tourist tax
    The tourist tax is to be transferred with the pitch rent.
  5. Electricity
    The pitch rental includes a power flat rate. More consumption is payable at the end of the season.
  6. Driving in the square
    The driving on the course is to be limited to the bare essentials, also in the dismantling and construction time. Driving speed = walking pace. Motorized two-wheelers may not drive on the course site and are to be parked at the registration.
  7. Driving ban
    13:00-15:00 and 22:00 – 7:00
  8. Play
    The use of playgrounds is only allowed for children.
  9. Pets
    Dogs and cats are to be registered independently and to pay with the annual bill (50, - €). Dogs are provided with a dog tag. These are available at the information point. Dogs without this mark on the collar pay 10, - € penalty. Dogs and cats must always be kept on a leash and kept under supervision so that nobody feels bothered. "Piles" are to be removed immediately.
  10. Toilets
    Please leave the toilet building as anyone wishes it to be. Children under the age of 6 are only allowed to use it when accompanied by an adult.
  11. Cleanliness
    Please sort your garbage:
    Paper - glass - residual waste - yellow sack = recycling container
    Garden waste = hanger
  12.  Rest periods
    Please keep calm from 13.00 - 15.00 clock and at night from 22.00 - 6.00 clock. The barriers are closed until 7:00. Don't use the lawnmower on sundays.
  13. Miscellaneous
    Beachten Sie bei Umbauten und Anbauten unbedingt die gesetzlichen Vorgaben der Abstände. 1,50 m zur Grenze, bzw. 3,00 m zum Nachbarn, bei Schutzdächern über Wohnwagen und Vorzelt sogar 5 m bis zum Nachbarn. Bei Nichtbeachten sind die Konsequenzen vom Verursacher zu tragen. Überstände der Überdächer gehören mit zur Aufbaulänge!
    b) Holztore und Holzäune sind nicht gestattet und sind umgehend zu entfernen!
    c) Die Nebenwege müssen 3 m breit sein, um dem Brandschutz zu gewährleisten. Hecken sind daher regelmäßig zu stutzen.
    d) Lagerfeuer ist nur an der vorgesehenen Stelle am Strand gestattet. Bitte beim Platzwart anmelden und die Feuerstelle sauber hinterlassen.
    e) Boote und Surfbretter nur an den von der Kurverwaltung vorgesehenen Stellen lagern.
    f) Autowaschen und Reparaturen sind auf dem gesamten Gelände nicht gestattet.
  14. Violations
    Serious violations of the site rules and theft of space and tenant ownership leads to immediate eviction. Minor offenses, such as disregard of driving ban etc. can be punished by us with a fine for charity. 

Campingplatz Platen

Campingplatz Platen

Wewerin 2
24327 Sehlendorf
Telephone: +49 4382 / 351

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